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TK Clothing is located in Edmonton's High Street and 124th St area. Our collections include names like Luisa Cerano, Marc Cain, and many other
best brands.

Fits Your Life

Clothing is meant to work with you, not against you. Your wardrobe should never be a hassle. Ask us about the newest evolutions in fabrics and designs to make your life simpler. Dry-clean less, iron less, and replace your clothing less. Ask us how!


Fits Your Style

Top designer names from Europe are our passion. Find the latest, greatest, and hottest labels in store. Your style should be your own. We can show you how to take pieces from your existing wardrobe and mix and match them with this season's items to get your perfect look. In store, you will find everything from casual, to office, to 'paint the town red' evening wear for ages 20-99.


Fits Your Lifestyle

It’s all about finding the look that fits your life and fits your style. Don’t let your clothing weigh you down, hold you back or drain your pockets. more >>



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